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When you think of girl scouts, what first comes to mind?  Cookies!!!  The Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, and Carmel Delights are a few reasons why we gladly hand over our dollar bills to such a wonderful cause!  Right?!  Well according to Emily and Olivia Dirks, they say that the Girl Scout cookies are only the beginning of how the Lord opens doors for them to learn about other cultures in the world!

Emily and Olivia Dirks are sisters that have grown up in Sioux City, Iowa where they have been the faithful Girl Scouts in charge of stocking Bread of Stone’s bus with Thin Mints!  As the sisters learned more about Bread of Stone, they became intrigued with the idea of THE LIGHT PROJECT, and began asking their mom questions about what Bread of Stone does when they visit Indonesia!  Through their excitement and enthusiasm, the Dirk sisters told their fellow Girl Scouts about how they could help girls their own age who work as Scavengers in Indonesia leading the members to choose THE LIGHT PROJECT to share about at International Girl Scout Day!

The girl’s asked Brittney Kristijanto (wife of Bill Kristijanto) to come and share with them about the ministry of The Light Project!  They listened intently while Brittney spoke of the people she met who pick up trash for a living. She was able to share with the girls about the young girls that live at The Mercy House, and also teach the scouts how to make Indonesian fried rice, which they gobbled up!

After months of preparation it was time for the Scouts to present The Light Project as their personal project at International Girl Scout Day! The girls set up a booth with pictures of people from THE LIGHT PROJECT and gave out prayer cards that shared further information about Bread of Stone’s ministry in Indonesia. As a special treat they learned and sang the song “This is the Day” in the Indonesian language, and capped off the day by making Indonesian fried rice for everyone who attended the International Girl Scout Day!  These girls found a way to share The Light Project while creating a Girl Scout Project of their own! The day was full of laughs and giggles, but most of all abundant in obedience as the Lord gave them yet another example of how radically He can use young willing hearts to not only touch a life in Indonesia; but to touch lives in their own hometown, as well.

Brittney’s Testimony

Brittney gives an inside look at what happened on our last visit to Indonesia.

The Mercy House

Mercy is healing.  Mercy is forgiving.  Above all, mercy is love.  The Light Project reminded us of this, through our trip this past November to the country of Indonesia.  The Lord continues to grow The Light Project more and more each year, and one of the growing experiences was The Mercy House.  This safe house was introduced to us by a family friend, Miryam, who has a heart for woman and children.  Miryam moved to Indonesia from South Korea to follow the Lord’s call on her heart, and has been living in Lembang, Indonesia for the past 10 years.

We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with Miryam, and to hear her testimony of the ministry opportunity that she is continuing to follow faithfully.  She told us of the increasing abandonment of children in Indonesia.  Miryam shared of her walking the streets of various villages to find babies lying in garbage dumps and ditches – infants who undoubtably were never wanted.  She began to see that the Lord had brought her to this foreign country, so that she may love on the ones who had been forgotten.

Through her obedience, Miryam was able to reach out to women who had been disgraced, prostituted, and used.  Most of these young women find it hard to feel love, as most of their hearts have been hardened by years of abuse.  Even under these circumstances, she tells us of the miraculous love of Jesus Christ, and how she has experienced that love truly covers all and can melt the heart of anyone.

When we visited The Mercy House a few days after our meeting with Miryam,  we were invited to come and sing and fellowship with the women and children of The Mercy House.  Ben, the lead singer of Bread of Stone, brought his guitar and led worship with around 30 other children singing at the top of their lungs, as they sang “Jesus Loves Me.”  After singing, a young girl named Laura asked if she could share with us her testimony.  She told us of how she had never met her parents, was sold by her uncle, and escaped numerous times from life-threatening situations. With a child on the way, Laura is thankful that the Lord led her to The Mercy House, to start a new life in a place filled with people who truly cares and loves her.

Since the day of our first visit, The Light Project has made contributions to The Mercy House, towards their daily expenses.  If you would like to learn more information about our new project, please email us at  We would like to thank each one of you who have kept us in your prayers during our trips to Indonesia and for purchasing Bread of Stone’s merchandise, sending 10% of your purchase toward The Light Project.  Also, we encourage you to become more involved not only in our project, but starting a project of your own in your community.


A mother-daughter project can stir the heart of anyone, whether it’s their honesty towards one another, their identical smile, or the way their eyes meet as they work steadfastly on their project.  Well, Michelle Beine and her daughter Megan have done just that.  The mother and daughter heard of a ladies’ group in their church that gathers all of their old pillow cases, grabs needle and thread, with a little dash of lace and ribbon, and makes little girl dresses!

Michelle and Megan immediately set to work, and are continuing to sew and stitch towards the end of the year when Bread of Stone will leave for Indonesia, and have suitcases full of little dresses made with love from a mother and daughter from Watertown, WI.  They like to call it, “Dressing up THE LIGHT PROJECT”.

Thank you Michelle and Megan for your willingness to take something broken, like an old pillow case, and turning it in to something beautiful.  For more information about “Dressing up THE LIGHT PROJECT” or special instructions on how to make these dresses, you may contact Michelle at

The faithful ladies who sew beside Michelle and Megan each week!

Ms. Laurie Haberkorn, she is leading and teaching Michelle, Megan, and the group of faithful ladies at River Valley Alliance Church!

Megan and her friend, Kaitlyn, sewing a dress for Dressing Up THE LIGHT PROJECT!

Update on our 2nd visit – The Light Project

2nd Trip – 2010

Our second trip to Surabaya, Indonesia, where The Light Project is based out of.

10 year old boy collects cans to help!

Zac and his sister Megan

“After reading “Take Your Best Shot” by Austin Gutwein, Zac Beine wanted to do something himself to help make a difference in the world. After thinking of various things he could do, Zac decided to collect aluminum cans and cash in the money to support “The Light Project.”

This is just a short exert from a write up in the bulletin at Zac’s church. We would also like to mention that Zac is only 10 years old! It’s things like this that really humble us and show us that God can use anyone, or anything for that matter, to do his work, just as he did countless times in the Bible.

Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers. It really does make the difference. And hopefully we can all learn a little something from Zac Beine, a 10 year old from Wisconsin who God is using in a divine way.